My Baby is SIX!

Six years ago the love of my life was born.  Sweet Molly Abigail was a surprise child, but has brought nothing but love and enjoyment to me ever since.

Happy Birthday, “Molly-6”.  Mommy loves you!


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My New Bike

Molly and Abby learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels this summer.

Mike and I can no longer keep up with them as they ride about the neighborhood, so we decided that it was time to make an investment in our health, future and family entertainment.  We bought ourselves bicycles. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was eleven or twelve years old.  This new toy was very exciting to me!

Last Saturday  Mike and I had a “kid-free” day. so we set out to shop for bikes.  We found perfect bikes and purchased them by noon.  We went home and rode up to “town” for lunch, a wine tasting and a little shopping.  Late that afternoon, we rode to the park where we sat on a blanket and enjoyed a Mike’s Lemonade together.  As much as we enjoyed our day together, we couldn’t wait for the girls to get home to go for a family ride.

Sunday afternoon, Alli came home from her friend’s house.  She thought my bike was cool and asked to take it for a spin up the block.  As she was riding up and down the road, our neighbor (an 8th grade boy) was riding his scooter along her side.  Shortly after, I realized Alli was standing in the middle of the road looking at my bicycle in a puzzled way.  I called to her “what’s wrong”?  Her reply was “Billy hit me, the bike won’t go”.

My friends, this little shit punk neighborhood kid ran into the back tire of her (MY) bike with his gas powered Razor scooter.  He knocked her over and then disappeared. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I went mental.  I wanted to call the police, however, my calm, diplomatic husband said he would go talk to the neighbors and explain what their precious son had done.

The parents were horrified and seemed very apologetic for their son.  Mike was told he would be grounded from his scooter and pay whatever it costs for us to have my bike repaired/replaced. 

Two trips back to the bike shop amd $50.00 later, I am back on the road. 

Too bad Hurricane Hanna is going to keep my bike in the garage this weekend.

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Canal Street

What does “Canal Street” mean to you?

If you’ve ever heard of it, I’m guessing that you’ve bought a “Coach” or “Louis Vuitton” handbag, “Rolex” watch, or maybe a bootlegged DVD of a current blockbuster.

Well, up until yesterday, I’ve never been.  I’ve been DYING to go to Canal Street to shop for “Coach” handbags.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

A friend of mine gave me a brief lesson. 

Go down Canal Street.  Go in the handbag shops, and ask if they have “Coach”.

I thought it would be that easy.  Pick a store, stop in, ask for “Coach” and choose from what they show me.

No.  No.  No.

The first ten or so stores told me NO.  Finally, I found one who told me yes, but come back in ten minutes, the police are nearby.  So, my friends and I decided to stop at a street vendor and get the kids soda and pretzels while we wait it out. 

But while we were standing there, a nice older Asian lady approached me offering “Tiffany” bracelets.  I told her that I don’t wear jewelry, and she grabbed my left hand and looked at my wedding ring set and said, “Oh, you do”.  I told her I’m not interested, so she then offered me Coach.

Ahhhh.  This is what I was waiting for.  I told her yes, and that was why I was wandering around her city.  She lead us down a side/cross street and suggested one of us adults sit on a doorstoop with the children while the other two adults come with her. 


Yes, into her van we went.  She closed the door and my girlfriend and I were terrified.  The back of her van had piles and piles of “Coach” and “Chanel” (not my thing) handbags and wallets.  We dug through her piles as she kept throwing dollar amounts at us.  In less than seven minutes, my girlfriend purchased one purse and I spent $130.00 and I had no idea what I owned when I got out of her vehicle. My other girlfriend who was sitting with the kids was horrified, and opted out of the “shopping” opportunity.   I ended up with these:


So, we moved on, and decided to find some dinner.  We were hoping for Chinese food… go figure, we were in the center of Chinatown, NYC, USA! 

We couldn’t find one single place that didn’t look like a take-out-kitchen-type dump, but we ran into another woman who offered her van experience to us. 

And I took it.  Because I am a glutton for punishment, and a purse-whore.  I got in the back of this van alone, and found for Alli for $35.00. 

Ultimately, we didn’t find any Chinese food, and opted to find the Subway out of Chinatown instead.

On the way out, I was “offered” DVDs, and again, being the sucker for a bargain and adventure that I am, I bought five bootlegged DVDs that are all currently running in the theaters.

Alli was a nervous wreck after my second shopping “experience” but once she started looking at my bags, she was thrilled, and even decided that she wanted


instead of


So we traded.

We found the subway station and went back to Time Square to more legitimate and family-friendly tourist spots like Toys R Us.

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TGIF!  For me, it’s the Friday before “vacation”.  However, I am not going on vacation, I am taking a “staycation”.


I’m a bit of a homebody.  I don’t like hotels.  I don’t like the beach.  Most vacations include these two subjects.  So next week, I will be “vacationing”, yet sleeping in my own Tempurpedic bed rather than some crappy springy bed in a cottage or a hard hotel bed. 


However, we have some plans. 


Mystic Seaport.  


Kids get in free on Monday, so that’s a no-brainer.  We’ll pack a picnic lunch and spend the day touring and playing.


Old Sturbridge Village.


This is one of Alli’s favorite places to visit.  A few years ago, when Mike and I had just started dating, we took the girls here.  Alli was chosen by the Blacksmith as his Apprentice, and ever since then, “Blacksmith” has been in her list of things she wants to be when she grows up… including an Author, Teacher, Dance Instructor, Lawyer and several other random professions. 


New York City. 


We’re planning to visit American Girl Place, Hard Rock Café, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan and doing a little bit of purse shopping on Canal Street.


I’d love to make it to Boston also.  Boston is my favorite city in the world. 


My staycation is also going to include one day of chores.  Alli’s room needs on overhaul.  We are going to gut dressers and her closet, move furniture and reorganize.  Molly plans on inviting a friend over for a play date while Alli and I attack this annual chore.


So the next time you need a vacation, and either have no where to go, no desire to go anywhere or not enough money for that Caribbean Cruise or Dream Disney Vacation, take a look locally.  I suspect that I will return to work on August 4th more rested than if I took a “vacation”.

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It’s A Boy!

Well we already knew that!

My brother and sister-in-law have been in the paper-process of adopting a son from Russia since November. 

They got “the call” this week.  They are expecting an almost-two-year old little boy! 

We are hoping that they will be bringing him home by the end of this summer!

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Make New Friends

Mike and I have been married for just about ten months.  We don’t have any “couple-friends” yet.  We each have several of our own “old” friends.  I have a couple friends that Mike just doesn’t like, and he has a couple friends who I don’t care for either.  Most of these “dislikes” are due to where they are in life, what they are doing socially, etc.

I have an old friend who has a husband that Mike just doesn’t have anything in common with, as well as the friend’s husband still being relatively friendly with my EX-husband.

So, it really is time in our life for us to make new friends.  Friends we can have over for dinner.  Friends we can share/exchange babysitting with.  Fortunately for us, our neighborhood is BOOMING with young couples with young children. So, we took the opportunity this weekend and invited several of them over for an afternoon cook-out on Saturday. 

The “kids” across the street are a couple much younger than we are.  They are 25 and 26 years old.  Mom stays home with their two-year old son and almost-one-year old daughter.  Dad is a Latin teacher at a prestigious prep school in our neighborhood.  They moved in about two weeks after we did last summer.  We adore their kids!  Mike and I have babysat for them, and have had them over for parties and impromptu dinners. 

The family next door also came, minus the wife/mom.  Husband  is a Spanish man, probably about 35-40 years old, and a Middle School Math teacher.  Mom is a Japanese lady, seems a bit younger than the husband, and she works as a chef at a local Japanese restaurant.  They have an almost-five year old son who will be going to Kindergarten with Abby. The husband has traveled the world, and has stories from everywhere.   They are a very odd nice. 

The backyard neighbors came also.  Abby actually met the husband last week, as he was building a new shed/greenhouse/playhouse.  You see, our backyards are fenced in, and we “kitty-corner” with their yard.  Turns out, he has a wife who works for my favorite place on Earth Target and a 3.5 year old daughter.  The daughter and Abby really got along well, and Mike and I both enjoyed talking with the Mom and Dad.

Finally, we also last-minute-invited another family who we know from down the block about five or six houses.  They are both Chiropractors, in practice together.  They have a son who is about four, and a second son who is six-months old… again, more baby for us to enjoy having around.  Dad Chiropractor also is dairy-allergic, so his perspective and experience as an adult was interesting to talk about. 

Mike started us with delicious appetizers of Italian bread toasted on the grill with fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese.  Then he cooked steak, chicken, cheeseburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  We also had corn-on-the-cob, macaroni salad and tossed salad for dinner.  Backyard neighbors brought a bottle of wine, and Mike also made Margaritas. 

We had a great afternoon.  The kids played until it was getting dark and chilly.  All neighbors seemed to enjoy themselves, and appreciated the invite… in fact, mentioned “doing this again” at their houses. 







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Never Be Sorry For Being Too Safe

I’ve been accused of being a bit “nuts” regarding my daughter Molly’s dairy allergy. 

People have very different reactions to their food allergy, but the underlying fact is that you NEVER know what type of reaction will occur.

Molly was randomly vomiting for five months, and we had no idea it traced back to a food she was ingesting on a regular basis.  Now, that we’ve cleared her diet of it, when she eats something that has a trace amount of dairy product in it (bologna, kielbasa and hot dogs have been the recent offenders) she gets itchy.  It starts with no rash, but as she scratches her crawling skin, she gets blotchy, and (knock on wood) Benydryl typically clears her up within fifteen minutes or so. 

 HOWEVER, this doesn’t justify eating “just a little bit”, because with food allergies, YOU NEVER KNOW! 

This interview with a Peanut-Allergy Mom  has reinforced my perception that you can never be too safe when it comes to your child’s food allergy. This interview with Pamela on ALLERGY MOMS is a sad case to learn from. 

My daughter went 5 years with NO allergic reactions to milk products.  I am thankful that I was given the five months of vomiting as “warning”, rather than an all-the-sudden anaphylaxis, yet I am not going to be ignorant enough to chance “just a little”.


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Spring Changes

This time of year in New England is very difficult in many ways.

For starters, the weather is so unbelievably unpredictable.  It can go from 45 to 75 back down to 50 or 60 within a week span.  For example… Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, it hit 79 degrees.  Sunday was about 50 and cold, damp and dark.  Monday was a sunny day, yet cool, maybe 60?  And today it’s just a bit over 50, yet sunny and beautiful.

This makes it terribly hard to breath.  Anyone with any allergies or sinus issues?  You know what I’m talking about. 

Another problem I’m currently having with “the change” is clothing.  It’s the in-between time where we need sweaters, pants, T shirts and shorts all at the same time.  I’ve pulled the “summer clothes” out of storage, yet I can’t pack the winter stuff away yet.  So, we will have about two weeks where our house looks like we are moving out, because there are stacks of clothes on TOP of the dressers, waiting to be transitioned in.  But unfortunately, the kids are growing out of the “winter clothes”, so if it’s 35 tomorrow, the sweaters are too tight, and fleece pants too short. 

All in all, I find April to be a most disruptive month.

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The Thrill of Brazil

Living in Connecticut, the winter is long and cold.  Therefore, toes are covered, in socks and boots, usually.  Come spring, when the flowers start to bloom and the birds start to chirp, it’s time to take the socks off and wear open toe shoes. 

I don’t generally like my feet to be touched.  I think they are pretty ugly, for feet.  However, about six years ago, when I was largely pregnant with Molly, a dear friend of mine convinced me to treat myself to a pedicure.  Since then, I have gotten monthly pedicures from April through October. 

I’m generally not a very “fancy” or high maintenance person.  I don’t wear a lot of make up, I don’t sport trendy fashions.  But no matter what I’m wearing or where I’m going, my toes will be RED. 

For those of you interested, the color is made by OPI, and is called “The Thrill of Brazil”. 

Today was my season opening manicure. 


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